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Mainly use it to OSRS gold get slayer haha only use heritage as well and have noticed zero issues with bosses. My battle stats were maxed prior to the shift though so maybe that is it. I starred playing now and got 1 week top from afar prime. However, what do I do? Cut trees and internet shrimps and drop them to ground until I level up? I do not always know if this is the right answer, your average mmo player is going to be immensely more comfortable with rs3 and it is gameplay mechanics, and that is coming from a complet... more
Usually, the most profitable herb to create unfinished RS gold potions is from Snapdragons that are fresh due to their constant need. In the time of this writing, Snapdragons had over 220 coin profit margin per potion created, as well as 5,000 potions each hour, this can be easily a six-figure money maker.It's no surprise that Skeletal Wyverns are on this record because they drop a lot of alchable things, piles of skilling items and the chance for a Draconic Visage. Locating a spot that is free can be challenging during peak hours,... more
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