Mainly use it to OSRS gold get slayer from rsgoldfast's blog

Mainly use it to OSRS gold get slayer haha only use heritage as well and have noticed zero issues with bosses. My battle stats were maxed prior to the shift though so maybe that is it.

I starred playing now and got 1 week top from afar prime. However, what do I do? Cut trees and internet shrimps and drop them to ground until I level up?

I do not always know if this is the right answer, your average mmo player is going to be immensely more comfortable with rs3 and it is gameplay mechanics, and that is coming from a completely osrs player who was maxed pre eoc, the Truth Is That rs3 is a great game in a lot of respects, and much closer to other mmos around, sure it's mtx but it's absolutely not necessary to succeedthe quests are absolutely killer and the battle can be entertaining if you are into this kinda thing.

If you want the runescape you've always imagined in mind, play osrs, it's Somewhat dated but it's just getting better with a stupidly passionate dev team behind it that listens into the community and let us them pick exactly what goes into the game, definitely go with Cheap Runescape gold, it is a stupidly addictive clicking simulator that can trap you worse than the nastiest of drug habits If you want a different mmo with one hell of a history that may be described as wow with mtx and a runescape motif, go with rs3, the Truth is that they both have their areas and audiences who love them, but osrs is definitely the winner between the two to most people, hence why it conveys everywhere between 2-5x more players online at any given moment

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By rsgoldfast
Added Nov 17



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